WWCode London Members Offer Mentorship Tips

  1. Decide the theme and goals for your mentorship

Mentor’s story

I was seeking a good mentorship programme to apply as a mentor. I had some experience as a teacher of Java language, as an instructor for SQL course and had some private classes with beginners. I wondered how to find a mentee who has already some experience and wants to grow from beginner level to the mid one. I am so happy that WWCodeLondon gave me this opportunity! Relying on my teaching experience and organisation skills, I developed several practices which allow me to make a great performance on our progress with my mentee!

  1. Define goals and metrics. Define tools to achieve the result.
  • grow confidence
  • develop new skills
  • find a better job
  • obtain a promotion
  • coding sessions
  • coding practices on special platforms (HackerRank, LeetCode)
  • free online courses
  • mock interviews
  • courses with certification
  • pet projects
  • practicing stressful situations



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