WW<CODE> Maker Bytes — Issue 166

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3 min readApr 9, 2020

We are building features for the Women Who Code community and we want to highlight that work with our stakeholders, you! THANK YOU to our contributors for dedicating their valuable time to help us build tech a place where women can excel.

You can follow all of our work on github. Below are a few snippets of our awesome features.


We haven’t done a Maker Bytes in a while, and we want to share some of the exciting stuff that the Women Who Code Core Team has been working on recently. This includes new text formatting options for blogs, an updated “Opportunities” feature that will make it easier to find ways to propel your career, and several code and feature updates to ensure that every aspect of the site continues to work properly.


Add code formatting for blog posts
We added a custom button with a drop-down to the Froala editor that allows for properly formatted code to be displayed in blog posts. A PrismJS script and styling was added to ensure that the code snippets display with syntax highlighting.


Create promoted_events table and admin UI
We’ve started working on creating a back-end admin interface for storing events and scholarships that are currently located on the Opportunities page of the ebsite. This will streamline the process of accepting, formatting, and displaying free tickets, scholarships, calls for papers, and event discounts on appropriate pages of the site.

Track Code Coverage
We added a gem to report on test coverage to find out how much our code is covered by tests that are performed with Code Climate.

Add Back Front-End Job Form URL Validation
This ensures that the company URL field validates correctly when a job poster enters a web address into that field.


Fix Can’t Leave a Network in IE11
We resolved an issue where people using IE11 were unable to leave a Network after joining it.

Bump excon from 0.52.0 to 0.71.1
A necessary update was made to our website software.

Bump rack from 2.0.7 to 2.0.8
A necessary update was made to our website software.




Talk to us

Any ideas about existing features, new features, getting involved as a contributor, please share it in this FORM and/or watch our repos on Github.

To submit feedback, comments or questions email coreteam@womenwhocode.com, we would love to hear from you.

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