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Women Who Code Networks have been responsible for over 4,200 free technical events around the world, and we have given away more than $1 M in conference tickets and scholarships. This has provided members of the community with opportunities to expand their tech horizons, meet industry leaders and gain valuable experience.


One of Women Who Code’s core missions is to support career aged women who are in tech, as well as those transitioning back into a professional position in the industry. Our Network events provide community support, as well as training that can help make the technological hurdles of this process more manageable.


Women Who Code is comitted to empowering our members to become leaders, ot just in the community, but in the greater tech industry. By supporting them in Director and Lead roles at the local Network levels we are able to help them with Networking, as well as opportunities that can improve their professional reputation.


Women Who Code CONNECT 2016 was a conference that brought a diverse array of engineers and tech professionals from around the world, together to demonstrate the innovative power of diversity and inclusion. It featured female leaders and innovators from a variety of companies, as well as panels, discussions, and educational events.


Women are often minorities at technology companies, which can enhance a sense of solation which may lead to long term attrtition. The community support that Women Who Code provides can be an important tool for inspiration and empowerment. This can in turn have a profound effect on a persons perception of themself and the indsutry as a whole.


The 4,200 free technical events provided by Women Who Code Networks are an invaluable tool for those looking to enter the tech industry, as well as those who are trying to level up to a higher position. There are also profound positive benefits that can come from providing mentorship and training to others.


Through our work with technology companies around the world, and the development of our innovative Women Who Code for Companies Job Board we have shown ourselves to be leaders in the field of diversity hiring practices and advocacy. Our work is helping to ensure that gender bias, both subconscious and otherwise, is eliminated from the practices of companies everywhere.



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Women Who Code

Women Who Code

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. https://www.womenwhocode.com/