Unmasking in Tech: Embracing and Empowering Your Authentic Self Toolkit

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1 min readNov 1, 2023

Written by Techie Bestie October 31, 2023

As technology evolves, diverse technologists bring unique perspectives critical to fostering innovation and progress. However, you may be in situations where you don’t feel your diversity is honored or celebrated. This might cause you — consciously or unconsciously — to hide your authentic self behind a metaphorical mask, especially in the workplace.

Much of what we know about masking today comes from research about persons with Autism, with individuals sharing their experiences with masking. Related research shows that masking is amplified in marginalized groups, with women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ possibly feeling an even greater need to hide their disabilities.

While masking can help you navigate complex situations and feel safer, whether you are doing so intentionally or not, it’s important to understand that there are possible negative consequences.

This toolkit aims to support you on this journey to being your authentic self as a diverse technologist to thrive wholly as you are in your career.

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