Industry Leaders Talk Industry Trends for 2020 and Beyond


In recent years, the financial industry has been transformed by disruptions caused by emerging fintech innovations. This has both given financial options to consumers while also being a powerful tool for businesses in almost any industry. And this revolution is spreading around the world at a rapid pace.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is another transformative technology that is innovating at an incredible pace. Using new and powerful methods for analyzing and understanding data, companies, and increasingly individuals, are able to gain powerful insights that can inform their strategies and decisions.

The Ethics of AI

Many of the people that we spoke with raised concerns about the future of technology, and particularly the ethics of AI and facial recognition. While this is a field that offers incredible possible benefits, it also has tremendous potential for abuse. A lack of diversity among teams working on these fields can also lead to uncious bias being programmed into products.


Another concern that was raised about technological developments was over the unintended negative consequences of automation. The increased use of robotics in nearly every industry is leading a transformation of the workplace that is often harmful to employees, and particularly those from underrepresented populations.

Ethics and Social Impact

Several tech leaders also expressed an interest in focusing on the ethical side of technology and innovation. This included both the development of projects that can do greater social good for people, as well as regulations to ensure that these powerful new tools are used in a responsible and equitable manner.



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