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  • Walter Isaacson

    Walter Isaacson

    CEO of the Aspen Institute. Author of The Innovators & bios of Steve Jobs, Einstein, Ben Franklin, and Henry Kissinger. Former editor of Time, CEO of CNN

  • Mary-Ann Ionascu

    Mary-Ann Ionascu

    Tiny person building tiny computers.

  • Lauren Schulte Wang

    Lauren Schulte Wang

    founder & ceo, flexfits.com

  • Victor Coisne

    Victor Coisne

    VP of Marketing at @strapijs. French. Open Source Community builder, Wine lover. Soccer Fan.

  • Trish Barber

    Trish Barber

    Providing #marketing solutions to emerging #tech companies using a #digital sensibility especially #womenCEOs. 3 ways=Strategy, Planning, Implementation

  • TonyaSims


    Pythonista, Big Data Lover, Former Pro Athlete, Sports Enthusiast, Wisconsin Badger and Northwestern Wildcat Alumni, Proud Aunt ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kathy Caprino

    Kathy Caprino

    Hi! I’m a career and leadership growth coach, writer, speaker, podcast host of Finding Brave, and educator dedicated to the advancement of women globally

  • Holly Schinsky

    Holly Schinsky

    Adobe PhoneGap Team | devgirl.org

  • Jessica Naziri

    Jessica Naziri

  • Sophia


    Director of Product @Yahoo, alum @eBay @IBM @USC @USCViterbi @UCDavisMBA

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