Building Healthcare’s New Infrastructure

What is the importance of reliability in healthcare?

[Shivika] On the SRE team, we work to build a robust, reliable, and automated healthcare infrastructure. Whether we’re doing a quick adoption for migration to Kubernetes, monitoring Grafana dashboards for the system metrics, or alerting based on Prometheus rules, the team does incredible work.

How is the member experience empowered by reliable infrastructure?

[Helen] Building out a team to better understand the efforts of our products and incorporate tangible results into our decision making is no easy task. The data science/business intelligence (BI) team started with this goal in mind and is a downstream consumer of the SRE and greater data science team’s work.

How does this affect a member’s healthcare journey?

[Helen] The goal of updating our tools is to ultimately help Collective Health members. Clean data leads to stronger feature development to enable members to have an easy, simple experience, find doctors or specialists, and allow us to support and guide members through their healthcare journeys. For example, our platform can recommend relevant health benefits or services for members via a proprietary recommendation engine called Cortex. A member then easily can use Collective Health’s app or online interface to find a doctor, set up an appointment, and submit a claim.

What makes Collective Health special?

[Shivika] Like many job candidates, I find interviews SCARY. Sleepless nights and self-doubt about not performing well or eventually being a less-preferred candidate would take over my mind while I was job hunting.

What does Collective Health do to encourage internal mobility and growth?

[Diana] In two years, I had coded and automated everything I could get my hands on from onboarding scripts to a phone auto dialer, all while mentoring junior IT Engineers. A new manager on the SRE team had taken notice of my ability to assist their team with technical tasks. So, after discussing career goals with my manager, I was given the chance to do a rotation with SRE for a month to see how I liked the work and test out my skills on a small project. Needless to say, my new manager decided to keep me on the SRE team.



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