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2 min readDec 1, 2023

For a long time, Hackathons were something I heard about. I always wanted to experience the excitement they offered, but didn’t know where or how to start. Perhaps many of you can relate to these sentiments. The idea of bringing a project to life in a short amount of time, competing against the clock, the blurred lines between day and night, and the endless thrill is what Hackathon encapsulated for me.

When Women Who Code announced the Women Who Code Hackathon Social Good 2023, I thought, “Yes, the time has come, and I must participate.” Immediately, I delved into brainstorming ideas and exploring how my concept could contribute to social good.

The idea had to be inclusive, something that could make a difference for women worldwide. Recently, there was a topic that psychologists emphasised psychological violence towards women. I worked extensively on gathering scientific articles and statistics on this issue, contemplating how to turn it into a beneficial project. After much effort, the fantastic idea that everyone could resonate with emerged “ When Women Understand.

Detecting psychological violence is not an easy task for a woman. This is because, at times, they witness this violence from her loved ones and those they value the most. Therefore, struggling to put a name to it because we believe our loved ones and those we value wouldn’t harm us.

I started closely following the Women Who Code’s Slack channel and introduced myself, mentioning that I had an idea. Then, I received messages expressing interest in working together. I thought I could establish a team and bring this idea to life.

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